Cloud Software Development

Developing and deploying cloud software requires a combination of modern technology (including hardware, software, infrastructure and overall architecture), team collaboration (across multiple development and non-development teams and) and latest modular approaches (for more detail, see the section on modular deployment).

Here are some of the areas that we consider core across our cloud software development projects:

Software as as service (SaaS) is the most fundamental business model that we see for cloud software. While a traditional distinction between vertical and horizontal SaaS is blurring, multiple hybrid business and technology models are emerging that target specific niches in innovative ways.

Distributed architectures with both private and public cloud resources, distributed intelligence/decision making, storage, UX etc. We see such architectures increasingly replacing traditional approaches of single decision and interface “core” supplemented with additional modules.

Desktop, mobile and web cloud convergence. We strongly believe in the power of converged approach in our cloud projects. Our experience suggests that computer, mobile and web interfaces, dynamically interlinked with traditional and mobile backends can only be effectively implemented as part of a single paradigm.

Cloud innovation and dynamic deployment. Long cycles if business analysis and software implementation are gone. If the cloud architecture is built right, new pockets of innovation ingenuity will flourish constantly.