Client Collaboration and Co-creation

Our collaboration with our clients is deep and continuous. We not only work for clients and partner with them. We innovate and co-create new technologies together with them as one inseparable team.

If fact, some of our project teams are composed of both our and clients’ team members.

Some of the examples of such collaboration include:

Joint software development. This is the core of our collaboration with clients. Building a multi-module interlinked project with an interlinked team of our and clients’ team members is seamless. Some of our key technologies and workflows are designed specifically for this purpose.

Joint brainstorming sessions. Many of our projects are based on innovation. And much of this innovation comes from our joint brainstorming with client teams. We use specific tools that help our joint teams spur such creativity.

Common interface vis-à-vis our clients’ clients. We worked in an increasingly interlinked technology space where boundaries between teams our clients and clients’ clients are blurring. We are cognizant of this and help our clients transcend these boundaries.