Leveraging the power of CSS3

After many years in development and standardization, CSS3 if finally fully established and accepted across all platforms.

This means powerful UX/UI, modern design and clean code fully accessible on the vast majority of client devices. It also means better life for frontend developers.

Here are some examples highlighting the benefits of this transition:

Responsive design. Many sites using traditional responsive design embed heavy and hard to manage frameworks to achieve a simple responsive effect. These frameworks often add tens of thousands of lines of code to project codebases and precious seconds to page load times. Yet most of these responsive effects can be easily achieved by just several lines of CSS3 code.

No Flash (again). Fortunately CSS3 is one of the nails in the coffin of Flash - a security disaster, a heavy and proprietary way of web design of last century.

Graphics design. While we do use SVG heavily, CSS3 allows the level of graphics design and presentation control that approaches the poser of vector graphics.