Moving to clean and modern HTML5

The time of convoluted HTML and idiosyncratic external plugins has passed.

Nearly universal adoption of modern browsers (both desktop and mobile) and other client-side technologies allows to finally move entire projects and codebases of large deployments to modern HTML5.

Some of the highlights of this transition:

Clean markup. Clean markup. We like it as humans - it pleases us aesthetically as coders. But it also provides benefits for our clients’ marketing and CEO efforts and return on investment.

Using modern media delivery. There is little as liberating as using a simple <video> tag to deliver a video stream. No convoluted plugins with restrictive licenses and spotty maintenance. Just a simple and clear one tag embed.

No Flash. We would be hard pressed to recall the last project where we used Flash in production. In some rare circumstances when our clients have some residual ideas about using Flash in their projects, we politely work to dissuade them (always successfully).