Global Team: US, Europe and Asia

Our team is dominated by software developers, and we are passionate about software engineering. We live and breathe code. Besides excitement, we take pride in continuous development, both as a team and as individual team members.

While we are a global team (spread across several continents), we are particularly involved in the Silicon Valley and in European high-tech clusters.

Some of the highlights of our team life are:

Continuous development - both as the whole team and as individual team members. As a team we always look for better ways to operate and cooperate, including new technologies, workflows and trends. In addition, each team member has a specific individual development plan that includes both general training and personal development based on carefully planned project roadmap.

Individual responsibility. Each team member is always individually responsible for his/her clearly defined modules. This brings accountability to other team menders, clients, and (probably most importantly) to oneself.

Team integration. We have developed multiple technologies and processes that allow us to effectively integrate clear individual contributions into great collaborative project outcomes.